‘The finest English-style finger-picking guitarist of his generation’ Jon Boden

Since Sam Carter released his debut album Keepsakes in 2009, there has been a mounting excitement about this songwriter, guitarist and singer.

At the time he was an Emerging Artist In Residence at The Southbank Centre in London and has since supported Bellowhead on a UK tour, performed in the Middle East and UK with the British Council’s Shifting Sands project, played to thousands as part of the all-star line-up for the tour ‘The Lady: A Homage To Sandy Denny’, performed on major venue and festival stages in his own right and walked away with Horizon Award for best newcomer at the 2010 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.

The press were sensing the start of something great too:

‘I have a feeling, and I’m not alone, that Sam Carter is going to be huge.’ Irish World
‘The work of a great songwriter in the making’ Guitar & Bass
‘His songs look set to stand the test of time and to be covered by others in turn’ R2
‘A talent developing quickly.’ Mojo

‘After the release of Keepsakes I found myself becoming more interested in American spirituals, gospel, and the shape note hymn singing tradition. I was knocked out by the zeal with which these songs and hymns dealt with the concerns and expressed the beliefs of those who wrote and sang them. I began to explore the idea of combining the style and feel of these hymns with lyrics that were relevant to me and the people I know on an everyday level; in a sense, to write my own hymns. The resulting songs tackled themes like the recession, work and money, marriage and divorce, a collection of songs expressing belief from a humanitarian rather than religious perspective.’ Sam Carter

Sam’s second album The No Testament was released in August 2012, an album that saw the singer reinvent his contemporary narrative-based songwriting by infusing it with shapenote, gospel and work song influences. The release caused a wave of media and audience attention for an album that saw Sam reach new heights in his songwriting. As a result he was invited to perform on BBC 2’s ‘Later…with Jools Holland’ in autumn 2012, was filmed for the BBC 4 special ‘The Enigma of Nic Jones’ – due to be aired September 2013 – and has been in constant demand for live performances.

Sam is an independent artist and has four releases to date, all self-released under Captain Records – Here In The Ground EP (2008), Keepsakes (2009), The No Testament (2012) and Live At The Union Chapel EP (2012) available on CD from HMV, Amazon and other online retailers with the exception of Live At The Union Chapel EP which is exclusively available on CD at Sam’s shows. Downloads of all 4 releases are available from Bandcamp. CDs are also available here.